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Poverty is Relative
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Poverty is Relative

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David Livingstone 2001

"An admirably concise, carefully considered and well-argued account of Livingstone's achievements and failures in the light both of his time and ours... warmly recommended as the best possible modern introduction to an extraordinary, if not always very sympathetic character." (Times Literary Supplement)

A clear, succinct and balanced assessment of Livingstone’s complex character, achievements and failures and enduring legacy.” (Choice)


Ladies of the Chase 1987

"This well researched book... contains the liveliest material and the most striking pictures." (The Field)

"This delightful, comprehensive and most readable book... shrewd social commentary by an author of rare talent" (Horse and Hound)

"Mrs. Buxton paints in a gallery of splendid... characters" (Daily Telegraph)

"This skilful and perceptive writer... Meriel Buxton has a fine sense of social history and so deft a touch that this has to be one of the most enjoyable books about hunting that has been published." (Riding)

"What a wonderful book" (Country Life)

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